domenica 9 luglio 2017

Chalkidiki vacation in the Aegean Sea

We finally made it! I am in a definitely vacation mood and guess Greece again. This year we are staying in Chalkidiki enjoying some beautiful sunny days surrounded by the turqoise Aegean Sea and a wonderful natural park of pine trees. Chalkidiki looks like a fork on the map and it is made up of three peninsulas. We have chosen the central peninsula, the quiet family-friendly Sithonia. Let me share with you some very nice pictures from the city of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece after Athens. Kisses and hugs to all of you! Of course there will be a full account of my trip here in the days to come so please, stay tuned!!

venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Havenly ideas for a wonderful rental decoration

When Havenly inspired to share some ideas about how your rental living can be transformed into a wonderful place, I loved the idea for two reasons.
One: We all are looking for affordable and stylish ways to redecorate our apartments and two: be it your apartment or not, rental living can provide us with some very functional solutions which can be applied to a house that you own.
I have always advocated the idea that cost and and pleasure in decorating must go hand in hand together. Nobody should spend huge amounts of money for a coffee table or kitchen hardwares. There are a lot of solutions out there that you should only discover. That's why the Havenly website was such a pleasant and useful discovery that I needed to immediately share with my readers. Havenly is all about affordable ways on how to redecorate your home and find functional solutions for your rental living (or not).
Here are some ideas that we all, from time to time, need to refresh a little bit. Some great ideas about adding some spritz and making everything look wonderful in your house.
And please, give a look at Havenly gallery of interiors.
Here is a gallery of pictures where these rental hacks can make the difference and definitely add style to the rooms.
 Add some vintage furniture. It will make your living more historical and culturale. Take a look at those wonderful scandinavian chairs and at the little iconic Eames. 
 Add color to your rooms. It will only take a day or two to transform your rental living. 
 Add a mirror, everything will look bigger in space and style. 
Add a carpet, my favorite one, the Ljapljung ruta from Ikea that you can have a few dollars / euros. I chose this rental living in Vicenza because it looks like my own living. I adore it.
Add some vintage furniture and paint it all over for a wonderful effect. This old suitcase was transformed with a few hands of painting into a stylish and functional nightstand. 

Have fun when decorating! Till next post! 

domenica 2 aprile 2017

Holiday rent house in Madrid - Stile e design in una casa vacanza a Madrid

Sorry for the long silence over here. I have had so many busy days at work. The good news is that spring is finally here and hopefully it is here to stay. Hopefully, because I am heading to a northern city and I am afraid I am going to find a very chill weather...... Well, I am in a very Holiday mood. Perhaps, it is because of the Easter upcoming holidays or this warm weather I feel in the air or a myriad other reasons... That's why today's post is about a Holiday rent house in Madrid. It's all about pure style and beautiful design. Natural tones all over the place are the true protagonists of the apartment. Don't you wish to spend a few days spoiling yourselves in the beautiful capital city of Spain? I wish I could..... I have so many beautiful memories of Madrid that whenever I come across pictures of the city, I use to think of that vacation of some years ago. Should I plan another trip? I leave you with that question and I hope to post some other interesting posts very soon! Have a great day!

Chiedo scusa per la lunga assenza sul blog, ma sono stati giorni frenetici, intensi e pieni di soddisfazioni. La buona notizia è che finalmente la primavera è arrivata, sto accusando un po' l'ora legale che trovo innaturale, ma pazienza, mi godo le giornate più lunghe al parco. Quest'aria tiepida mi ispira viaggi di piacere nelle capitali europee o in belle città italiane ed è forse per questo che oggi vorrei condividere con voi questo bellissimo appartamento / attico che si trova a Madrid.
Lo stile e il design di questa casa vacanza sono i protagonisti assoluti. Per l'arredamento sono stati scelti colori naturali e toni neutri, insomma i miei preferiti. Il grigio, il legno, il bianco, tutto in una perfetta combinazione di colori che creano un'atmosfera rilassante, calda e intima. Quando mi imbatto in foto di Madrid, ricordo sempre e con nostalgia la mia vacanza di qualche anno fa nella capitale spagnola. Forse è il caso che questo desiderio venga esaudito? Dovrei pianificare un altro viaggio? Mah, vedrò, vi terrò aggiornati! Intanto, vi lascio a questo tour e vi do appuntamento al prossimo post!

venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Milan Tour - Design inspiration

I am sooooo sorry about the long silence over the blog lately, due to work trips and a very intense agenda. Well, I could have found some time to write a post, but updating a blog is not a joke or a divertissement, even though all those who first started a blog, interpreted the idea of blogging as a webspace where you can dedicate yourself to your passions and hobbies.
One of the most interesting things I did lately was a special trip to Milan. I hadn't been in the second capital city of Italy since ages and I really found it renewed and had such a wonderful time, not to mention the wonderful interior design stores and interior design inspiration that I breathed in every corner of the city. I tried to make the most of it, but Milan is so alive and it offers plenty of design and art events that you can never have enough of. Here are some pics for you! See you soon!

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