venerdì 30 giugno 2017

Havenly ideas for a wonderful rental decoration

When Havenly inspired to share some ideas about how your rental living can be transformed into a wonderful place, I loved the idea for two reasons.
One: We all are looking for affordable and stylish ways to redecorate our apartments and two: be it your apartment or not, rental living can provide us with some very functional solutions which can be applied to a house that you own.
I have always advocated the idea that cost and and pleasure in decorating must go hand in hand together. Nobody should spend huge amounts of money for a coffee table or kitchen hardwares. There are a lot of solutions out there that you should only discover. That's why the Havenly website was such a pleasant and useful discovery that I needed to immediately share with my readers. Havenly is all about affordable ways on how to redecorate your home and find functional solutions for your rental living (or not).
Here are some ideas that we all, from time to time, need to refresh a little bit. Some great ideas about adding some spritz and making everything look wonderful in your house.
And please, give a look at Havenly gallery of interiors.
Here is a gallery of pictures where these rental hacks can make the difference and definitely add style to the rooms.
 Add some vintage furniture. It will make your living more historical and culturale. Take a look at those wonderful scandinavian chairs and at the little iconic Eames. 
 Add color to your rooms. It will only take a day or two to transform your rental living. 
 Add a mirror, everything will look bigger in space and style. 
Add a carpet, my favorite one, the Ljapljung ruta from Ikea that you can have a few dollars / euros. I chose this rental living in Vicenza because it looks like my own living. I adore it.
Add some vintage furniture and paint it all over for a wonderful effect. This old suitcase was transformed with a few hands of painting into a stylish and functional nightstand. 

Have fun when decorating! Till next post! 

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