giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

A place to visit in Rome on Halloween - Halloween a Roma

Halloween coincides with the Ognissanti religious recurrence, but for all the Anglosaxons visiting Rome in this time of the year I just feel I have to suggest a wonderful place to visit. It is the Diocletian Public Baths complex, which obviously nowadays has been transformed into a few amazing museums on ancient Rome. This one is just two steps away from the Termini train station, in the center of Rome, just two steps away from the Museum of Roman art and the Santa Maria degli Angeli Basilica, where the genial Michelangelo worked and spent a lot of time and energy to repropose it in its actual shape. The complex has been wonderfully preserved and this one is just a place to see. It's shadowy paths, the scent of fresh cut grass, the wonderful statues and the beautiful sarcophages and tombs make it a place to see not only during Halloween. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy them. Happy and fun Halloween! Buon Ognissanti!

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

Lovely small apartment - Piccolo è bello

Rieccomi! Oggi vorrei condividere con voi questo appartamento relativamente piccolo su due piani pubblicato su Apartment Therapy. Quello che mi ha particolarmente colpito è la luce di questi spazi e le scelte pratiche ed estremamente di gusto di questa giovane coppia canadese di creativi. Le soluzioni pratiche riguardano la creazioni di angoli d'ufficio sia nel primo che nel secondo piano. E' vero, in questo caso si tratta di due giovani professionisti che hanno la necessità di lavorare anche da casa, ma io credo che degli angoli di studio o angoli uffici che dir si voglia siano indispensabili anche in una casa "normale". Confessi chi non accende il pc anche da casa. E se pensiamo poi alle famiglie con bambini in età scolare, questi angolo studio diventano pressocché vitali e permettono alla famiglia di godere dei momenti di vita insieme. Nell'appartamento di oggi il centro della casa è la sala pranzo che prosegue con il soggiorno, caldo, accogliente e luminosissimo.
Godetevi il tour di questa bella casa!
Hello everybody! Today I want to share this small but sooooooo lovely, bright, young and fresh Canadian apartment that offers a wide range of great solutions in terms of space organization. It was published on Apartment therapy and it belongs to a couple of creative people that need their own private and intimate working space. I find this place so inspiring and so creative. In my view, having an office nook, is just as necessary as having a kitchen or a bathroom. Small office nooks in a house will make the members of a family feel better, focus on their work and then reunite to share their joy and happiness in the common spaces, in the living or in the kitchen. Generally, a family life rotates around the kitchen. Well, ok, eating well in good company in a warm and big kitchen is just a great feeling, but sharing your private moments in a wide living is just another thing. Hope you love this two-floor apartment as much as I do! Have a great day!

martedì 28 ottobre 2014

DIY décor wall art - Quadri fai da te

Quasi sempre sono nello spirito giusto per delle attività fai da te, ma poi, nonostante le buone intenzioni, non riesco mai a portarle a termine. Il prossimo progetto sarà un bello specchio vintage che vorrei ridipingere e riportare a nuova vita. Oggi vorrei darvi qualche idee di idee décor da realizzare a casa. Sono delle idee per quadri fai da te. Per il primo vi basterà un po' di iuta, ago e filo e il gioco è fatto. Il cuore rosso invece è un quadro così tenero e romantico che il tocco naif rende davvero speciale. Poi vi propongo dei fiori essiccati incorniciati, super addatti alla stagione autunnale. E se in casa vi trovate una bella cornicie vuota, potete solo appenderla e creare dei collage a vostro piacimento. Ispirate e datevi da fare!

I am always in the mood for decorating and upcycling. The next upcoming project will be a beautiful vintage mirror that I would like to repaint and bring to a new life. I do not know when I will be able to do it and when exactly will I find the time, but I am here to announce my good intentions. Here are some nice and inspiring DIY wall art ideas that I found on the web. The red heart is so romantic, with that back taste of naif touch. The nice phrase embroidere on the jute is just so lovely and easy to realize. Just pick up a pice of jute, needle and thread, and choose a nice phrae to fix on the fabric. And what about the framed died botanicals? They are just the perfect frames for a fall living room. Let the artist within you come out! Have a great day!

giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

Rome findings - shabby decoration

ciao a tutti! Come sapete, lavorando in centro ho la possibilità di sfruttare al massimo le mie pause. Qualche giorno fa mi sono imbattuta in una bellissima bancarella che propone prodotti design in stile shabby. Eccovi alcune immagini per darvi un'idea degli oggetti scovati. I vasi con le piante grasse sono piccoli ma hanno un gran potenziale per decorare un angoletto. Mi è piaciuto moltissimo anche l'orologio da parete in ferro battuto. L'aria vissuta lo rende un oggetto unico. Per non parlare delle mie passioni di sempre, le lampade. Basterebbe aggiungere una lampada bianca in stile shabby per conferire un tocco romantico ad un vostro interno.

Hello everybody! As you know, some of my lunch breaks are real scavenger tours among the local markets of Rome. Of course, I have one-hour lunch breaks but I try to make the best of that hour, and try to capture interesting findings and buy very interesting décor pieces anytime I stumble upon. I am so lucky to work in the historical center of Rome which is a real fortune for all those people like me that get suddenly caught by an uncontrollable desire to take pictures of nice objects for the home décor. These markets are real treasure holders. You may find antique objects or shabby shic furniture, iron wrought wall clocks, wood boxes etc. Just give a look at the stand I visited the other day. It is full of nice romantic pieces for a shabby chic house. I was tempted to buy those grass plant and create a green corner in my kitchen or in the entryway. I will have to think a bit over it because we are still painting the walls… seems like an infinite work. Have a great day!

Wonderful pieces of decoration, frames and grass plants for only 3 euros each vase.
 The lamp is so candidly shabby chic
These grass plant are not real, but they look like they were real. I love them!

venerdì 17 ottobre 2014


Tra i miei siti di design preferiti c'è Remodelista, creato da architetti e arricchito ogni giorno di post molto interessanti su soluzioni di design ecc. Oggi hanno condiviso questo piccolo appartamento in cui ogni centimetro è stato sfruttato in maniera geniale adottando delle soluzioni pratiche e contenitive che non privano gli interni di spazi vivibili. Il protagonista assoluto scelto dagli architetti è il compensato, materiale in cui è stata realizzata la parete della libreria che a sua volta contiene, con un effetto sorpresa e assolutamente integrato, il letto matrimoniale. Nonostante le dimensioni dell'appartamento si ha l'impressione di vivere in spazi ampi dove si può giocare, stare insieme, studiare e riposare. Insomma, se non vivete in mega appartamenti non disperate. Basta semplicemente adottare delle soluzioni intelligenti. Godetevi il tour.

When I found this post in my mailbox I couldn't prevent myself from sharing it with you all. One of my favorite architecture sites Remodelista published this tiny but wonderfully divided apartment where little space doesn't necessarily mean clutter, no bookshelves, no playing areas for the kids and no great parties with your friends. This family has got everything, even in a small apartment. Here every single furniture has been conceived to accomplish different usages. Plywood is the absolute protagonist. Just think about how many things you can achieve with this pretty but poor material. It is versatile and elegant at the same time. I really enjoyed looking at this nice small appartment. Hope you enjoy it too. Have a wonderful week-end!

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014


In this time of the year I have always been a fan of neutrals but I am finding out I am a little too monochromatic lately. I am always putting my camel trench, white little jacket or grey blouses. I don’t think I have been more neutral addicted than this year. Of course, I am happy about it. I grew up with a mom that is still very fond of neutrals. They just look great on every one and whatever complexion you have. They are just  timeless and I never get tired of these colors, in fashion and interior.

venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

ROOM OF THE WEEK - Neutrals everywhere

This week's room is all about mixing neutrals. Golden frames, leather chairs and carpets, glass tables and dark hued blinds, not to mention the beautiful warm hardwood floors. Is this living airy, spacious and charming? Have a great week-end!

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

Italian style - Lusso italiano

When it comes to Italian luxury apartments there is always something that catches the eye, the perfect mix of modern, contemporary and classic pieces of furniture. It is the Italian secret for a perfect blend of different elements in interior design. Italian appartaments are real treasure containers. In every house you will find a piece of furniture belonging to the past, carrying a history of its own, the history of the family or the past ages and generations. It is this very special feature that I adore and love about Italian apartments. Today I want to share with you a luxury Milan attic apartment, divided in different spaces and ambiences where modern and classical forms give birth to a unique Italian style. Enjoy!

lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

Autumn moodboard

Hello there! This year's autumn palette to me is neutral grey with leather and dark cherry, burgundy touches. I find those combinations timeless and extremely elegant. Some colors never go out of fashion and to me fashion is not about fanatically following trends but following my personal taste. It may sound a little bit pretentious but I am partly influenced by trends, although even the most indifferent person in the world, when it comes to fashion trends inevitably gets inspired by them. Hope you enjoy and have a great day!

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