sabato 21 dicembre 2013

Christmas style roundup - interni natalizi in vari stili

My little boy poured some coffee while I was sipping it checking my mail. The biggest mistake on earth. My pc is having real problems  and I just can't digit some letters, the shift button etc. Anyway, I really wanted to share these interiors from different corners of the world, styled for Christmas. Hope you enjoy. Have a great time!

Christmas in Rome

Christmas in Rome 2

 Mediterranean  atmospheres

Scandinavian Christmas styled interior
Shabby chic style Christmas

sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Tiny obsession: Tom Dixon's pendant - Le lampade di Tom Dixon

I think everyone of us design addicts has come across this pendant hundred and maybe thousand times. And you probabaly know it has been designed by the talented English designer Tom Dixon. Well, I think I am in love with this copper creation of his. This mega orange-like copper sphere is such an iconic piece and the more I look at it the more I would like to put it somewhere in my little appartment. The purchase has to wait for the moment. In the meanwhile here are some images where it would look just great. In the living, in a dining corner of the kitchen and in the kitchen as well, of course in interiors that can afford an important piece as this one. The pendant has got that "art for art's sake" characteristic. The glitter of the copper and its shape are a perfect fusion of industrial and classical touch. You just have to love it for its aesthetics and of course for its versatility and elegance. Happy sunday!

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Gorgeous Interiors in Rome - Case romane

Hello there! I have been through some very busy weeks lately. Kid's up and downs, parents ageing related problems, work and aches of every kind, juggling work and family sometimes in a very stressfull and frantic way and other times with a certain detachment. Anyway, I think I have sorted some things out and December is the Advent Month. Hopefully, great times are coming. I wish I didn't sound too pessimistic, because this is a post about feeling well and in high spirits. To celebrate the upcoming festivities, that I will spend in Rome, here is a selection of some wonderful Rome interiors. Classical themed paintings, gorgeous verandas, minimalist touches for the urban living, dashes of color for an astonishing effect are some of the characteristics of these interiors. Enjoy!!!!!

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