lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Black and white IKEA elegance - Con Ikea si può

Hello there! Today I am loving this cosy little black and white apartment. Take a look at the intelligent and smart use of ikea furnitures, kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, eating table and lamps. Looking at those pictures, I kept thinking on how the democratic design concept has changed people's lives positively influencing them in their design choices. Ikea can make your idea of elegance a reality. It only takes good taste. Another thing that I like about the interior are those little elegant details that spruces it up a little by adding that special feminine touch. The floreal motives of the pillows on the bed and the wallpaper are so sweet. (a little confession; I haven't got the green thumb, I just don't like floreal fabrics, but here they are just a vital part of the whole. Have a great evening!!!!!

Ciao a tutti! Oggi vorrei condividere questo piccolo gioiello bianco e nero. Vorrei che notaste l'uso intelligente dei mobili ikea, cucina, lampade, sedie e armadiature. Guardando queste immagini, non si può non pensare a come il concetto di design democratico abbia influito sulla vita delle persone e sulle loro scelte di design, influenzandole in maniera determinante migliorandole ed affinandole. Basta solo un po' di gusto per raggiungere l'eleganza. Quello che mi piace dell'appartamento sono anche quei piccoli dettagli che conferiscono dolcezza e aggiungono quello speciale tocco femminile, quasi sussurrato. I cuscini dai motivi floreali e la carta da parati che avvolge l'armadio nella camera da letto quasi come a voler formare un bosco incantato, piccoli dettagli che diventano vitali nel bianco e nero dominante. A prestooooo!

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Winter outfits - Wednesday's fashion

Hello there! Here I am back with the Wednesday's Fashion series. I am so keen on black. It never annoys me, I find it elegant, timeless and very practical for working women juggling all day family responsabilities and full-time careers. Well, this year I am reconsidering my choices. Colors and soft hues in general may have a real impact on the humour of working exhausted women. I usually wear beige on summer, it looks great on tanned skin. With regard to white, It looks a little bit difficult to match with winter wearing, but here is an example of how illuminating it is, even in winter when light and sun are so scarce. I have also chosen two outfits from the first, fur, high heels, channel bag and tartan pants fabric is just perfect, while the second one looks so easy wearing for everyday activities. Hope you like them! 

domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Effortless French style - European flair in interior design

Hello everyone! On Sunday evenings I go through some spleen moments (which is a natural reaction to the upcoming working week) and long for wonderful romantic places to visit. Paris is one of my favorite ones. I am in love with that city. Who isn't? Those who don't must see a doctor. I have been there three times and the more I see it the more I love it. I love its grandeur, its style, its lights. Those who know me describe me as a very discreet person, but when in Paris the way I peeked into people's houses had nothing to do with discretion. I had an eagerly curious look and never felt like I had enough of those interiors. Moreover, Parisians have that very weird (but very appreciated) habit to not use blinds and curtains. That is a very generous way of letting curious foreing glimpses into their house.... Well, I confessed you this embarrassing episode of my life, just to give an idea of how much I love that Parisian and French flair for interiors. Today, I was searching for something else and I just came across these wonderful pictures. To say it in French, I was "bouche bée", agape, while looking at these interiors and the way they have been decorated, mixing modern pieces with classical ones. Hope you enjoy! Have a great Monday!

venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Have a great 2014!

Happy new year to all my readers! Let optimism, at least when it comes to the will to achieve important goals,  walk into your life. Let it in! Will above all, not intelligence, keeps us doing great and wonderful things. I don’t know whether it is a commonly shared feeling, although it seems to be very widely spread, that the beginning of the year provides us with a certain amount of strength and an optimistic view of life.  The year I am leaving behind has been full of joys and lots of physical fatigue. This new year seems to be a little less exhausting, well the toddler is no more a toddler, he is almost turning 3 and a half years old and that remote feeling of blue motherhood seems far away. It is automatic! From the moment I pronounce those words, things just go worse and worse! In a very propitiatory way I’m keeping my fingers crossed and just hope to find a disciplined little boy at home! Well, after this (I Hope) heartfelt and personal preamble, let us welcome the new year with some beautiful interiors for children along with my very best wishes for a wonderful 2014 and a childlike approach to the beauty of the world. 

 For little artists 

Girlish rooms 

  So well organized

 A simple and nice DIY idea.  

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