giovedì 29 settembre 2022


Is there a more autumnal piece than the trench? Its warm beige color puts us directly into contact with nature, with those chilly autumn mornings and the falling leaves. It immediately takes me to Paris, to those wide alleys under the grey wonderful everchanging Parisian sky in this time of the year. When I think of trenches, I immediately think of Paris because its weather makes it necessary and I had the evidence during my trips to Paris. I love it in its iconic color, but colorful trenches are also on my radar. I have a green leather vintage trench my mother gave me and whenever I wear it I get loads of compliments. I think it has been love at first sight for me since I was a little girl, at a time when I used to watch classic movies, like Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany's. And what about you? Do you love it like I do?

mercoledì 25 agosto 2021

Welcome in a small Paris apartment

I am a lucky girl. All my friends have beautiful homes. They are welcoming, warm, beautifully illuminated and easy to live. In a word, they have all the ingredients I look for in a beautiful interior. They are not cold and impersonal, they have not that copycat design inspired by interior catalogues. I alway look for the personal touch of the owner, the taste, the souvenirs or the design objects found through the years. Or simply, a DIY painting or a DIY solution that turns to be the right thing for that particular space. Most of all I look for the right illumination, not central illumination, lamps situated at the corner of the living, warm shades of light that add the warmth you need to feel comfortable in a place. Here is a small Paris apartment that has all those things I just mentioned. Moreover, it has an external small courtyard for romantic breakfasts and dinners. Isn't it gorgeous? Do you find it welcoming? I had a crush on it so I thought to share it today. Happy tour!

giovedì 19 agosto 2021

House of the week - Welcome in Brazil!

Hello everybody! I am back at work, but everything hasn't yet got the pace and rythm of pre ferragosto days. I couldn't prevent from sharing this wonderful Brazilian interior which has got every detail that I mostly love. A wonderful wall gallery, wide spaces wonderfully decorated, design pieces, colors and colors masterly matched, that perfectly reflect the essence of Brazil. I recently discovered some great Brazilian interiors with wide and airy fluid spaced where the real protagonists are the the concrete lofty columns great colorful tiles and a huge taste in decorating. I am just falling in love with that style. Hope you do love it just as I do. Have fun!

venerdì 23 luglio 2021

Hi there! What about this great summertime? We have plenty of sun in Rome, we are going out on weekends, seeing friends, eating icecream and having great dinners en dehors. I have been very silent these last months, maybe because more focused on insta pictures. Instagram is the immediate contact with people yu want to know things about and the instant way to share your fave things, but it also limits a little bit your desire to detail pictures. At least, this is how it works for me. But, on the other hand, I follow some great insta accounts that are real blogs. The authers write great things, share beautiful moments, amazing pictures and their wonderful taste. That said, I have been busy with homeschooling for my 10 years old, redone the paint of my apartment, introduced some new shades of grey and light green that I just can't wait to share. I am so much into natural hues, beautiful and simple things, rehauled pieces and natural materials. Simplicity is the highest sophistication. No need to imitate interior catalogues, no need to buy the same trendy things in big stores. Sophistication is the easy way of living and making sure that your home is the place you feel comfortable and welcome people. Home must serve you not the contrary. Here is my idea of making life easy to live. Some of my choices in terms of fashion, linen outfits, straw hats, maxi dresses I am coveting right now and ofcourse some inspo of interior design good. Have fun and have a great summertime! Kisses xxxxx

domenica 17 gennaio 2021

Hello friends! After a very very long silence over here, I am back. We have been going through some hard times, so many restrictions, no walks in the week ends, no flea markets, no treasure huntings. Nonetheless, like everyone out there, we have been trying to get ourselves used to this new life rythm, hard as it may seem. We have had dinners at home (masked and distanced, of course), we have had chit chats, we have read lots of books and above all we have all tried to make our homes look as cosy as possible. On top of that, we are trying our best to remain optimistic and look at life thoughtfully and full of renewed energy. Let's then toast and appreciate everything we are enjoying, our friends, our jobs, our families and our homes. I have been, for instance, painting my home. The bedroom has become dark grey which I just am crazy about. The kitchen is now green mint. Hope to share some pictures of my "new homes". For now, here is a random collection of some beautiful inspiration I have been dowloading lately. The first ones are from, a Paris real estate website. I love these kitchens. Elegant and easy to live, two elements we all should search and apply to our kitchens and our homes in general. The second group of pictures is from Billie Blanket Blog one of my recently discovered accounts. The section "visites privées" is to be devoured. That is what I do everytime I stumble upon. There are some of my main inspirations. Yellow Touches, painted walls, dark hues and flea markets treasures. Till next post, have a great sunday!

domenica 12 luglio 2020

Some of my favorite things - Inspiration

Il miglior momento della giornata? Sarò scontata, la mattina presto. Poter godere di un terrazzo, in mezzo al canto degli uccelli e al lento sorgere del sole, è semplicemente un piacere indescrivibile. Basta solo riuscire ad apprezzarlo ed esserne grati. Per farla breve, le mie mattinate questi giorni si riassumono in un po' di stretching, con dell'acqua termale Avène  sul viso, un caffé sulla sdraio e via con le incombenze giornaliere, che oltre al lavoro comprendono anche qualche compera per abbellire la casa e renderla un po' più comoda. Le ultime due entry sono due spiaggine blu, comodissime, estremamente convenienti, e che da sole, aggiungono un tocco marino al mio outdoor che in questi giorni diventa il nostro secondo habitat e dove ultimamente sto organizzando diverse cene all'aperto. Vi lascio con questo bel verso di Shelley "Se arriva l'inverno, come può la primavera essere lontana?". Ed è proprio questo che dovremmo pensare. Arriverà la primavera, con un po' di prudenza e attenzione verso noi stessi e gli altri, saremo di nuovo in grado di vivere come una volta, ma con maggiore consapevolezza del bello che ci circonda e di coloro che amiamo. 

Which is the best moment of the day? Early mornings, definitely. The silence surrounding me, the gentl and slow awakening of the city, distant bird chirping, the pale sun getting higher and brighter and the list of the beautiful things would be endless, if we just could see them and be grateful and appreciative of every beautiful thing. I do some stretching, lay down on my gym carpet and try to get some tan spraying on my face some Avène Thermal Water (the early rays are the best) and make the most of those precious moments of the day. Having a terrace and no indiscreet glances, doing all that doesn't cost me anything. Right now I am writing this post on my balcony and I just can't describe the beauty of being here and sharing this with you. The blog has been a little bit mute lately, due to this incredibly hard times we have all been through. But to say it with Shelley : "If winter comes, can Spring be far behing?" With this beautiful warm season of the year, everything looks better. We all have been struggling to make the greatest effort of our lives, locked down in hour houses and apartments. And now we are like those animals in cages running away at the very first hint of liberty. I can understand that, but what we need to be guided by, without having to repeat our past struggles, is caution. In this time of the year I am trying to decorate my balcony and two new entries have made the difference. I just bought two blue beach chairs and having not planned any holidays yet, I feel I am breathing the fresh air of a beach. Give a look at these chair on my instagram account, which by the way, I finally made up my mind to open during our long quarantine period. Lately, I have had friends over for dinner on the balcony. The redecoration of it was more than urgent..... So here we are with the first rehaul. Last but not least, summer makes me love colors.
I leave you with this random thought of mine and been also thinking of all the time. We will be safe and free from this tremendous virus when we will be free to flirt again. Taking physical distances from people, hiding behind our masks is not normal, but that doesn't prevent us from being seductive and interesting through eye contact. Anyway, here is a selection of beautiful things. Have a great day!

martedì 12 maggio 2020

House Tour: Lyon France

Tonight I want to share a peaceful place, the former house in Lyon, France, of Florence Bouvier, an important artist and decoration expert, owner of one of the most reknown brocante stores in Lyon. I am so happy to have found her elegant and very chic account on Instagram and tonight I found her former apartment. She currently lives in a very elegant apartment on the roofs of Lyon. Our next episode will be her apartment, but you can have a look at her instagram account to have a peak at her beautiful, very French apartment, filled with light and beautiful objects. Till next post! Byeeee

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