martedì 3 aprile 2012

Spring in Rome

Spending a spring holiday in Rome can be a memorable, unforgettable experience. April and especially May are the best months if you want to enjoy that fresh and warm air that makes you feel like you had wings and were just about to fly in the air. Rome in spring is just wonderful. I often hang out and snap pictures of unseen corners, art pieces, antique sculptures and pieces of antique ruins that I didn’t know I could find in unpredictable places, like the street I always walk by going at work. Rome is the unpredictable city, the unique and sole capital in the world where antiquity coexists with modernity giving birth to a perfect fusion of art. Here are some of the photographs I’ve been shooting a few days ago. Just imagine what a unique experience it can be to be in these places. I feel so privileged and lucky to live in this marvelous city and yes, just feel what you are feeling, ENVIOUS!!!!  Obviously, the pictures I am posting are not like those pictures that you will find on every post card and every touristic guide. They are really special and were shot just for you! Hope you like them!
Bertrand Russell used to say about spring and Rome: Italy and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.
This poem by Goethe, which he wrote during his long Roman stay sums up my feelings in this time of the year! He wrote them after accepting in  his life, his last wife, Christiane Vulpius, that he had met in Rome. The romantic spring air that permeates the whole city rose in Goethe that uncurbed and overwhelming feeling about a very simple girl.

Oh, how happy I am in Rome, remembering the times
When grey days clung to me, back there in the North,
The sky was dark and weighed heavily on my head,
The world around me colourless, formless, dull,
And I’d sink to brooding over myself, trying to see
Down the gloomy paths of my discontented spirit.

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