mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Greece blue - Pictures from a Holiday

As promised here I am with a series of pictures shot on the Zakynthos Island with my 1.5 mpixel Android. Would you believe it? I haven't photoshoped the pictures, (don't know how to use the program) so just please have a look at the shades of blue and emerald sea of Greece. On our last day in Zakynthos we met a very nice Canadian couple who were traveling on this super refurbished boat. They had been on every wonderful coast of Europe and we had a nice chat with them. It wasn't a yacht, (yachts are oh yes, wonderful, but sometimes owned by not so wonderful people) and that's why this laid back but still so elegant and superpatriotic boat captured my attention. Besides, the man on it looked like Hemingway. He was the owner, who cheerfully invited us for a chat. That was one of the most interesting encounters I made on the isle.
 This is a view of the coasts surrounding the island, while doing the Zakynthos Tour of the Blue caves which is a mini cruise on a wonderful vintage boat.

 This is the Kalamaki beach where we stayed. We had a wonderful view of two isles Pelusi and Marathonissi, two little island. Have an attentive look at Marathonissi. It has the shape of a turtle. The island is very fond of the Caretta Caretta turtles, a rare species of turles living here and in Sicily. 

Crystal beach, my favorite Kalamaki restaurant.

And of course, apart from the English abundant breakfasts and Greek salands (which were a real problem for my Italian husband) we loved the mussaka.

Being there with a three and something year little boy, we had our fair share of Disneyland.

 And these are some of the heavenly pictures of the Greek sea and the Blue Caves.

The shipwreck. The beach is white and the water of the sea is pure, TRANSPARENT and really BLUUUUUUUEEEEEEE

My little boy!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be off for two weeks or so! See you in September! Have a gret time!

I have got a gift ...... Shhhhhhh - Un regalino per chi non sa aspettare

I just can't wait and I get so impatient every year.....It's like being addicted to something, you know what I mean. So sorry to spoil the surprise but I am sure on the other hand that many of you feel just like me and  hope will appreciate today's post! Happy browsing to all interior (Ikea) addicts! 

martedì 12 agosto 2014


This year's floral trend has brought us back to the some decades ago. It's a trend that I really love because it infuses optimism and energy. This floral trend can help people show the best of them, be self confident and look at things and to reality from a different point of view. Colors can do miracles sometimes. I am not a floral person, I haven't got a green thumb, but still I love admiring them on terraces, in fashion and in interior design items. Flowers are so feminine and we should sometimes not just fanatically stick to the black and white trend but revise our style choices. Flowers can just spruce up your humour. This is my mood board of the month. Consider it not just an inspirational collection but a personal card wishing joy to everyone out there. 

lunedì 11 agosto 2014

Scandinavian Flair - Piccolo appartamento scandinavo

The best commercial to Scandinavian furniture and Scandinavian Design are the way apartments are advertised and the way pieces of furniture are staged by estate agencies like Alvhem Makleri and Stadshem, which have become some of my main sources of streamlined, essential, elegant Scandi design. What I like the most about Scandi interiors are the different nooks and multifuncional interiors. A living room is also a reading room, a playing room, a TV room. All in one, letting everybody follow their own interests. Well, mixing up interests at the same time would also be a little bit confusing and noisy, but I am sure you understand my point. (I cannot carry on reading an "engaging" bookpage while other people around me watch TV). People living in medium sized apartments cannot afford themselves a TV room. That is why creating different areas that hold different functions turns to be a wonderful solution for normal people willing to cultivate intellectual interests. Today I would like to share this wonderful Scandinavian jewel. It's cozy, appealing, essential and very very functional. Hope you enjoy this home tour! Have a great week start!

venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Room of the week - Bedroom with a view

Today's room of the week is a bedroom with a view! And what a view! There are just a few elements in this bedroom,. It is essential and streamlined. The only design choices are the fabrics (grey linen for the blinds and a cowleather carpet on the floor). The beige bare walls have been decorated by a classic arazzo, which is a very common element among rich and aristocratic families in Italy. There is no need to add elements with a view like this one. The less elements you use for the decoration, the more you can get from the stunning landscape. Nature is the absolute progatonist here! Have a nice day!

La stanza della settimana è una stanza con vista. E che vista! Pochi gli elementi d'arredo scelti per la decorazione, che viene affidata in questo caso ai tessuti pregiati (tende in lino grigio e tappeto in pelle di mucca) e ad un unico elemento di decoro, l'arazzo incorniciato, che conferisce alla stanza un tocco molto aristocratico. Se godete di una stanza con una vista come questa, lasciate che a decorarla sia la natura. L'effetto sarà semplicemente sorprendente. Buon venerdì e buon week-end a tutti!

mercoledì 6 agosto 2014

Wednesday's Fashion - My summer outfits

Hello! Today's post is somewhat close and personal. Here are some of the outfits I chose for my Greek trip. At the airport, an evening outfit and the favorite one, maybe a little bit cliché, but  just the right one for the season. Striped cotton dress that I ADOOOOOORE. It is fresh, it shapes my body wonderfully and it looks great, I hope. I felt so good in it. Back to work, I can't wait to put it during the week-ends or at the beach. It is just so comfy, trendy and soft. Have a wonderful day!

martedì 5 agosto 2014

Black beauty - Nero in cucina

A black kitchen? How would you friends react? I have a total white kitchen, white tiles on the floor, white cabinets, a white pendant lamp, a white fridge and a white oven. I am getting a little tired of all that amount of white, it reminds me of a lab. It is very bright of course, but my kitchen is south exposed is just flooded with natural light. The only furniture that brings a little warmth in the middle of white is a wood table. The opposite and most  radical choice to all that white would be black cabinets everywhere and only some little touches of color. Some of the things I am considering righ now when it comes to home decoration is replacing white tiles with a much more functional, warm hued flooring, and second, replace the bright white cabinets with another color. What about metallic gold or just black? It is just an idea, I do not really know if I will ever put it in practice (personal tastes, hubby intervening), but I am really enjoying it…. And just to give you a preliminary taste of that imaginary kitchen, here are some inspirational pics. Have a great day! 

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