martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Earth Tones - Part Two

As promised, here I am with the Earth Tone series. It's yellow's turn today!!!!! So bright, so sunny, so inspiring and optimistic. In these rainy, cloudy and cold winter days, yellow might be the best medicine to cure your blues and wipe out any negative sensations. Give yellow a chance in your home and in your closet! It will brighten up your life! Have a nice tour! 

domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Earth tones - Part One

I have not been posting for a while and I beg your pardon. It's because I have been pretty busy though I know I have no excuses..... I have so many ideas to share with you!!!!!  I've always been fond of beige and pastel colours and when I had to choose the colours for my house, the choice was quite easy. Beige, white, grey, brown, gold are the predominant tints of my apartment. Lately, I needed to add some warm and bright flashes to my living room. I bought some orange and cherry coloured pillows. You can imagine the warmth and brightness they brought to the entire room.... Soon, I am certainly going to share some photos with you, but now I leave you with Part One of a yellow/orange inspiration series, just to try to convince you and myself about how right was my choice to add those earth hues to my home. Have fun!

I'm posting the above picture and the two below just to show you the colour of my new cushions! Like it?

              Notice how the combination of grey, blue and orange hues makes the whole living feel warmer!
                                                   Got the picture from Knight Moves blog!

giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

Lately I’ve been wondering about how you can decorate your home using mirrors in order to visually expand the spaces you live in. Mirrors can do miracles. Actually, I have a real passion for mirrors, like the majority of women all around the world, I guess. Living in a center city placed apartment, I can’t afford big spaces and I have developed this special passion for mirrored walls,  which make my house look bigger and simply look great. It’s a real fantastic practical and cheap solution to personalize your home and add an original touch to it. You can use wall-sized mirrors, framed mirrors and display them wherever you want, especially in  areas of your house that lack natural light.
Here I’d like to share some great ideas with all city living people!!!! Have a look at what “miracles” mirrors can do! Enjoy your scrolling!

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

little transformations

The new year has begun and here I am with a new post! I realized I haven't shown you the transformation of the most normal, simple shoe box in the world. Here is a picture of how it was before when I bought a pair of shoes for my little 1 year old son. There is a Pinocchio on one side with no colors at all, very bleak I dare say (though the shoes are great and very trendy) and with no personality at all.  

                  I took some magazine sheets showing important capital cities and beautiful locations.

Took my precious vinylic glue and following the decoupage process, I attached the sheets on the box sides and created a brand new box that I still use and where I keep little objects, medecines and other stuff. Boxes and storage are never sufficient when you have a little baby boy going through his toddling phase. 

Here is the other side! 

                                                              Till next post!!!!!

lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

dream places

Here we are again! Back to office! What about your last of the year? Was it amazing, unique, romantic and bright? I wish it was! The only thing that comforts me right now is that here in Italy, the sixth of January we celebrate the Epiphany day which means that people have a day off from work, children get their sweets and other gifts (and you find out how much a kid means - “financially”-), people go out and enjoy great food, great company and those who have got them, have a great time with their kids. In a word, that goes without saying, I’m looking forward to Friday. It’s great when you know that your working week is going to be shorter than usual. Still, I have a lot of places in my mind where I would really long to be. I thought it would be great to share them with you!! Have a look at these dream locations!!!!!

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