mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

Glass doors: separating without dividing - Dividere gli ambienti con le porte a vetri

Questo post è ispirato all'articolo che lessi qualche tempo fa su Casa facile e sulla scelta di dividere la cucina dal soggiorno della direttrice del settimanale, Giusy Silighini.
Il settimanale è una delle mie riviste preferite da sempre, lo leggo con voracità e senza mai perdermi un numero. La nuova linea editoriale scelta dalla direttrice mi piace moltissimo, il settimanale parla con un linguaggio familiare e intimo e questo lo rende particolarmente piacevole da sfogliare e da consultare. Per non parlare della pagina Pinterest e dei vari progetti condivisi sui social che portano la firma della direttrice in persona. Ed eccoci all'argomento del post. Giusy Silighini ha un occhio particolarmente attento al design e recentemente ha condiviso un progetto della sua casa milanese in cui opta per la divisione di due ambienti, il living e la cucina, tramite una porta a vetri. Una scelta azzeccatissima che mantiene la comunicazione tra i due ambienti senza isolare e al tempo stesso dividendo in maniera intelligente e soprattutto pratica, soprattutto per chi vive in città. Queste porte a vetri che separano ma non dividono in maniera definitiva e occlusiva sono diventati la mia più recente ossessione. Li trovo particolarmente adatti a separare le cucine dai living per dar modo a noi mamme di essere partecipi alla vita familiare senza isolarci nei compiti puramente casalinghi e culinari. Condivido con voi alcune soluzioni in cui le porte a vetri così leggere ed eleganti sembrano davvero l'unica soluzione possibile e immaginabile per questi interni. Alla prossima!

Just one thing before I start writing: this post was inspired by an article I read on whose directore Giusy Silighini has a very keen eye on design and interior solutions. The "casafacile" magazine is one of my favorite ones and I always get voracious while reading its pages. Silighini has a beautiful blog on the Casa facile website where she shares her personal projects, her houses and her design choices. One of the best things she did was dividing her living room from her kitchen with a glass door. She just nailed it. It looks still like an open space, but the glass door divider creates a more practical kitchen without getting isolated from the rest of the house. These glass doors have become my latest obssession. They look great, they are super elegant, they divide without separating in a definitive and occlusive way. You can participate to the life of the family without feeling cut out in the role of the mummy cooking in the kitchen...... Here is a short selection of some of my fave interiors. The introductive picture is the open space Silighini divided with the glass door. Hope you enjoy!

lunedì 19 settembre 2016

Scandinavian decor - E ora un po' di arredamento scandinavo

It's been ages since I last shared an apartment where the Scandinavian décor was the absolute protagonist. When I stumbled upon this apartament on Alvhem makleri I was enchanted by the neat and clear lines of its décor and I found out I had a real nostalgia for some dose of Scandinavian interiors. They are so elegant and decluttered that my mood changes, just at once, while looking at these pictures. I love the dinner room next to the kitchen and the beautiful decoration of the living, the air flowing all throughout the apartment and the fresh vibe that you can breathe everywhere. Have a great start of the week!

E' da secoli che non condivido un interno dove lo stile Scandinavo la fa da padrone ed è il protagonista assoluto. Quando mi sono imbattuta in questo appartamento sul sito Alvhem Makleri, sono rimasta incantata da questo appartamento e dal suo stile così pulito, minimalista ed elegante. E per mia sorpresa ho scoperto di avere una vera e propria nostalgia di un po' di Scandinavia, di spazi puliti e liberi da oggetti sparsi per ogni dove. Qui è tutto così libero e arioso. Vi si respira un'energia davvero positiva che fluisce in tutti gli interni, dalla cucina dai toni metallici alla sala da pranzo e al living spazioso. Buon inizio settimana a tutti!

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

Decorating home (and dressing up) for FALL - Decorare (e vestirsi) d'Autunno

It's almost Fall, can you believe it and today was my son's first day of school. I don't want to sound emotional or supermaternal, but I must admit it was quite touching. The ceremony, his brand new uniform.... the whole atmosphere contributed to making me feel a mother with a little boy growing sooooo fast. It looks like Yesterday me and him as a baby leaving the hospital. Although I try to be as strong as possible in situations like this, this morning was special. This personal confession brings us to Autumn and to its colors. Rome is living its second summer, but Fall is in the air and you can't prevent yourself from wearing fall colors, neutrals and earthy tones. Here is my Fall moodboard. Apparently there is no fil rouge expect from the neutrals and warm hues that permeate the outfits and the interiors. Till next time, have a very wonderful midweek!

mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Decorating the kitchen - What I am loving right now - Idea decorazione in cucina

It's no secret I love minimalist style, neutral colors and combinations and everything that makes an interior look soothing and relaxing. Colour, though, is a necessary element to add some life to a neutral base. One of my biggest obsessions right now are the colored, patchwork tiles in the kitchen. I have been also loving metro tiles in recent years, but having white cabinets in the kitchen I would be more than happy to add some character to its backsplashes and ceramic patchwork tiles, all mixed together are the perfect solution. Have a great Wednesday, see you soon!!!!!
Sorry for not crediting the pictures. This post was meant to be published weeks ago and I forgot to save the sources of the pictures.

lunedì 29 agosto 2016

Ci vuole una foglia.... - Green leaves power

It only takes some green leaves to decorate a room and bring the power of green and nature inside your room. While I continue to prevent myself from adding artificial flowers to any interior, I cannot stop loving this new trend I am spotting everywhere, green leaves, natural or artificial that only add style and warmth to a room, without adding dust. Green Leaves require just a low maintanance and can be found almost everywhere...... I am simply in love with them. The other day, during my monthly compulsive tour at my Ikea store, I was very much tempted to buy some of those big philodendron big plastic leaves. I didn't purchased any, having a big terrace that is slowly getting a green outdoor spot... Let's leave them to my next Ikea tour and in the meanwhile please have a look at these gorgeous interiors and those elegant and simple green spots!

martedì 9 agosto 2016

Corfu holidays for the second year in a row - Vacanze greche a Corfu

Hello there! I was thinking: I'd better hurry up, before I find myself in Autumn writing about summer holidays... It is hard to select the pictures and to decide what to post. Anyway, I hope to give to those of you who haven't still decided where to spend these hot and sweaty days of August, some good ideas. Here is a recap of my Corfù holidays in this wonderful spot called Agios Gordios, the perfect place for a family vacation. The beach is sandy with little and colorful stones. I took some with me, but let it remain a secret between you and me. Well, the sun sets at 10.00 PM almost in July. It's a wonderful sensation... I had never spent a whole day and almost night in front of the sun. We spent our evenings waiting for the sun to go inside the sea and my photograph doesn't do it justice.... You have a full round sun in front of you slowly diseappering into the sea. Undescribable! I feel so nostalgic about these vacations, but writing this post is making me relive for the second time those wonderful days.  

This was the place we stayed. A wonderful house with this wonderful flowery and shadowy patio, surrounded by old olive trees in the middle of the most vivid vegetation you can imagine. Corfù is famous for its vegetation and its perfumes and scents, given the extraordinary amount of Citrus and orange trees and kumquat trees, a kind of Citrus tree that was first planted by an Englishman. It looks like mandarin but is has an oval shape and is very very sweet. In Corfù you will find kumquat marmalades, kumquat liquors and kumquat sweets.

Last year I hadn't completed my visit to the town of Corfù, I had of course visited the old Venetian part of the city, but had missed the Promenade along the sea.... Walking down the Promenade you arrive at this fabulous windmill. Underneath you can have a bath in the sea. There is where the Corfù inhabitants have baths. Very close to this place there is a beautifu. bar where we took a Nescafé, the shaken cold coffee that every Greek consumes at least thrice a day.

On the other side of the Promenade you can spot a beautiful ancient greek temple. I'd better rectify. I thought it was ancient, but I found out it was built in the 1870 or something by the English that ruled the Island. Nowadays it is an Orthodox Greek Church on the top of the hill and alongside the old port. On the top of the Venetian fortress there you a full and beautiful view of the city and admire its history, its old buildings and its grandeur. In front of the fortress you have a beautiful look of the Albanian South cost.

When abroad, we eat like Italians do. Italians go on the hunt of Italian reastaurants usually or in search of renown places (for their cuisine mainly) where you eat well. We discovered this beautiful and Neapolitan Italian Restaurant where we ordered a pasta. We really enjoyed spending some hours in this wonderful place. It is called "La Tavola Calda" and is run by two very nice Italian people, Bruno and Nino. The dishes are special and sooooooo tasty!!!!!!!! You'll have a great time there!

The sea was transparent in Agios Gordios and everywhere we had baths. Give a look at this picture! The woman shooting the picture is meeeeee!!

This is Sidari, one of the most turistic and visited places of Corfù, mostly known for this spellbinding rock called "The canal d'amour". While on the top of the rock, me and my hubby tried to imagine ourselves a little bit younger and with no kids... Well, believe me, it is one of the most romantic places I have ever seen.

Here is a picture of Paxos, a very small Island in the South of Corfù. My mobile abandoned me while our boat was approaching the Island. Don't worry, my hubby took some pictures of it. Another chapter will follow of this wonderful spot of Greece so just stay tuned!!!!!!

mercoledì 27 luglio 2016

Beach house inspiration - Arredare la casa al mare

Il mio ritorno al lavoro è stato un po' un trauma, forse perché la vacanza è stata davvero grandiosa, all'insegna della buona cucina, del relax e della scoperta di nuovi posti. Non che non sia contenta di potermi dividere tra tante cose, ma non ho ancora del tutto realizzato di essere ritornata e la mia mente va in continuazione alla vacanza in Grecia e ai miei pomeriggi alla spiaggia fino alle diecidi sera. E non ne ho abbastanza.... Mi piace ritornare con la memoria ai posti visitati che non vedo l'ora di condividere. Ma il tempo, per poter preparare un post come si deve, manca. Ho tantissime cose da condividere e scrivere un post su tutto quanto richiede attenzione, tempo a disposizione e concentrazione. Corfù un'isola piena di storia e con degli angoli da paradiso. Ne sono semplicemente innamorata... Per tornarci due volte di seguito, significa che mi è entrata proprio nel cuore. La casa che condivido oggi rappresenta tutto ciò che può significare relax al mare, in un ambiente un po' retro e vintage, dove il vivere è semplicemente easy, semplice e soft, proprio come i colori scelti per l'arredamento. La cosa che amo di più di questa casa è che non ci sono televisori e dispositivi vari. Una vacanza da unplugged è semplicemente il massimo!!!!!

My getting back to work has been quite a trauma. Of course I am happy about being able to juggle between so many things, but I haven't got my mind off of my Greece Vacation and I still dream about my long afternoons, till 10 a clock pm, I used to spend by the beach. Then I simply get get enough of the beautiful and serene sensations that I felt and try to relive them every time I can. This year my vacation was really great. I can't wait to give you a detailed account of the places I saw and the things I did, but you have to be patient. I need some time to give you a full and satisfactory account of it....I have so many things to share. Corfù is simply wonderful!!! I am in love with the Island. Today I want to say hello with a beautiful, Spanish beach house that simply encompasses everything that has to do with beach and coastal elements and a quiet and peaceful living. I love every detail of this house. ITs neutral elements, the blue touches and the retro/vintage vibe. And, which is simply fantastic, there are no TV, no PC, no MOBILES. Just relax!

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